They may be called “Ghost Kitchens” but they are alive and well.

Let’s be transparent about the future of the food industry.

The name sounds quite spooky, but not, “Ghost Kitchens” aren’t situated in abandoned buildings where creepy old spirits snicker at you from the corner. Ghost Kitchens are a cost-effective way for restaurants to offer their meals to customers without the expensive overhead costs of that pesky old monthly rent. 

What exactly are Ghost Kitchens?

Well, rather than needing to set up a more permanent restaurant space in a physical bricks-and-mortar, Ghost Kitchens are spaces that restaurant owners can rent out for the means of preparing meals for delivery purposes only. 

With no overhead costs, it’s easy to understand why the concept of a Ghost Kitchen might be appealing to a restaurant owner – especially since, during pandemic times, more and more Canadians are choosing delivery as their method of getting their hands greasy with some delicious grub. Based on a survey by Dalhousie University’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab, where 7,290 Canadians were surveyed, 26.3% of Canadians used a phone app to order food delivery during the first six months of the pandemic. 

Consider a Ghost Kitchen as an extension of your restaurant.

At Getit Local, we’re big on helping local businesses improve their bottom line, especially during uncertain times. So, if you own a restaurant and are looking for some ways to save on overhead costs, this could be something worth considering.

Here are 4 benefits of Ghost Kitchens in 2021:

  • Lowered overhead costs: Creating a welcoming and high-quality dine-in experience costs some pretty decent coin. With Ghost Kitchens, the costs of furniture, decor, lighting, and even marketing material costs are the real ghosts in this situation. That is, they are virtually non-existent!
  • Safe and convenient for customers: Especially during the pandemic and a post-COVID world, safe, contactless delivery is becoming a heavily sought-after method of satisfying hunger for customers.
  • Quicker time-to-launch: Much like a ghost, restaurants now have the ability to float around from one existing location to the next, renting as they please. The result? Much quicker time-to-launch when it comes time to start operating.
  • Get haunted: Maybe you have some extra space in your restaurant that can be used to rent out to other vendors or restaurants for some extra cash! Allowing for Ghost Kitchens to exist within the walls of your restaurants can be a lucrative avenue for you. 


Getit Local is the app that gives back by eliminating high costs for restaurants, eliminating surprise fees at checkout for customers, and by offering delivery drivers fair wages and the guarantee of keeping 100% of their tips. We don’t just say “Everyone wins when you Getit Local” to sound cute; we really mean it! 

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