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More Local Businesses Coming Soon

The local marketplace that is honest for businesses, fair to drivers, and affordable for you – Getit Local

Getit Local is an Ottawa-owned and operated delivery service that was designed to minimize fees for both the business and the consumer. With Getit Local, you get the on-demand food delivery you’re used to, but with the added ability to also support your favourite restaurants and drivers with flat, honest and affordable fees. No more surprises at checkout for you, no more gouging at the restaurant’s bottom-line for business owners. Our drivers are paid fairly and keep 100% of their tips! From the mom-and-pop shop on the corner to the franchise downtown, Getit Local ensures fairness for everyone.

Dare to be fair. With Getit Local, you put food on more than just your table.



Where we deliver

Check out our delivery zone! If you are outside of the area identified in the map below, you can still support local businesses by ordering through the app and picking up your food when it’s ready. Our delivery zone will continue to expand over time. FYI – Currently, you can only receive delivery from local businesses that are within the delivery zone you reside in.  This will change over time.

West End and Central Regions