Interesting Ottawa Facts

Think Ottawa’s boring?

We think it’s anything but. After all, with extra, disposable income in your pocket, Ottawa is only as boring as you make it. From no more hidden, unaffordable fees for customers, more money in the pockets of delivery drivers, and with more savings for restaurants – everyone wins when you Getit Local.

Here are some other delicious facts about the nation’s capital.

The name “Ottawa” comes from “adawe,” which is an Algonquin word that means “to trade”. We guess the concept of local businesses thriving is woven into the fabric of the city!

Ottawa is one of the coldest capital cities in the entire world. Some see this as a negative, but we see it as just one more reason to buy soup.

Ottawa is the shawarma capital of the entire world. Read that twice if you need to, we’ll leave it right here for ya.

Ottawa is home to over 14 different museums. So the next time you think Ottawa’s boring, try leaving your house!