Why Getit Local

Everyone Wins.

Most on-demand delivery apps have a heavy hand in a restaurant’s revenue, with high commission rates on every order. On top of that, additional fees and tips that should be going to the driver end up in the pockets of these big players in the delivery industry. We wanted something different for you, for the business owners, and for delivery drivers. We did just that by eliminating commission rates, creating flat, affordable, and transparent fees for customers, and fair wages for drivers. Plus, drivers get to keep 100% of their tips!


Who We Are


Much like a sprinkle donut, the on-demand delivery industry has a gaping hole in the middle of it. The difference is, besides the fact that donuts are delicious and satisfying, the hole in the industry is detrimental to businesses to a degree that just can’t be ignored.

Recognizing that this gaping hole needed to be filled, Getit Technologies created a business model that connected local entrepreneurs to an opportunity by putting them closer to their customers than ever before.


Founders Ben Lacroix and Ryan Hardy had a shared vision to bridge the divide between businesses and customers. After plenty of research, they realized that many popular mobile apps commonly lacked in one very important area: truly putting people first.

Thus, Getit Local was born. An app designed to help local businesses continue thriving, especially during the unprecedented pandemic, while also helping the other parties involved in the transaction: customers and drivers.

Now, with Getit Local, everyone gets a piece of the pie (while customers can get an additional, literal pie). With every order through Getit Local, customers know that they’re putting food (and other goodies) on more than just their tables.